1st and 4th Grade Celebrate Earth Day!

A little about Earth day from Mrs. Zuazo:

Earth Day
 On Monday, April 22nd 1st and 4th grades walked into the community, Main Street
 in Yardley.  As we were walking the students looked for signs of spring and signs of litter.
 If they saw litter on the ground they would tell their partner and they decided if it was garbage or if
 it can be recycled ( glass, plastic, aluminum, paper).
This activity enhanced their science unit on recycling. The first grade completed graphic organizers
 on “How they can be kind to the Earth”.  Some of the students ideas to date are “turn off the lights” when your not in the room and “turn off the water” when your brushing your teeth just to name a few.
 Fourth grade had 2 Earth day projects. The 1st one was to reuse something instead of throwing it away.  Some ideas are…a strawberry container was turned into a planter and a soda bottle was turned into a insect catcher and another student made a milk container into a piggy bank and a student used packing “peanuts” and stuffed a pillow.   The other project was to make a poster with an Earth Day slogan about a topic they feel strongly about.
 I encourage all to come to 1st grade and 4th grade to view the amazing work my students
 created!  They are on display outside the classrooms.