2012-2013 Dress Code

Dress Code

Studies have found that appropriate dress influences behavior and learning.  Abrams strives, through the dress code, to maximize the learning environment.

Respect for the sensitivities of others requires that students/parents/guests follow reasonable standards of modesty and privacy.  We ask that students/parents/guests dress in a manner befitting a Jewish day school when entering the building.




Dress Code for Grades One through Eight


  • Clothing cannot advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or weapons.
  •  Clothing cannot display writing or pictures that are obscene or suggestive.
  • No writing or pictures on the back of pants.
  • No sleepwear or bedroom slippers to be worn at any time, unless pre-approved for a special occasion.
  • Military clothing, fatigues or combat boots are not allowed.
  • On gym days, boys and girls may wear athletic pants (sweat pants), socks and sneakers.
  • Heavy linked chains may not be worn as jewelry.
  • No extreme hair colors are permitted.




Dress Code for Boys, Grades One through Eight

  • All boys must come to school wearing a kippah.  Baseball caps and other head coverings are not permitted.
  • Shirts, sweatshirts, and tee-shirts should be appropriate for school.  Students may not wear undershirts.
  • Pants or denim jeans must be properly hemmed and not dragging on the floor.  Pants will not have rips, holes, or fraying and will not be too tight or oversized.
  • Shorts must be to the knee.
  • Pants/shorts will not be sagged, as underwear may not be visible.
  • Boys are to be clean-shaven.
  • Hair is to be well groomed.  Partially or fully shaved heads and ponytails are not allowed.
  • Piercings, of any kind, are not allowed.


Dress Code for Girls, Grades One through Eight

  • Dresses need to be just above the knee (2 inches) and above the ankles.
  •  Pants or denim jeans must be properly hemmed and not dragging on the floor.  Pants will not have rips, holes, or fraying and will not be too tight.
  • Leggings of any type are not permitted to be worn in place of skirts or pants, but may be worn under clothing.
  • Capris are allowed, as long as they are made of cotton material.
  • Clothing that exposes any part of the midriff, cleavage (front or rear) or any clothing excessively revealing may not be worn.
  • No sleeveless shirts, tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, crop tops, belly shirts, or tight shirts.
  • Clothing materials for tops and bottoms must be opaque (not see-through).



Consequences for Students Who Do Not Follow the Dress Code

1st Offense – Explain to student what is wrong with his/her attire.  Student must change into appropriate clothing.

2nd Offense – Written notification that requires parent signature.  Student must change into appropriate clothing.

3rd Offense – Student must change clothes to follow guidelines and parent is called on the telephone immediately.

4th Offense – Suspension from school.

Parent conference required for student to return to school.