2015-2016 Budowsphere #1

2015-16- Budowsphere #1

My goal as the school director has always been to ensure that Abrams lives on to educate the next generation. This objective has always worried me- as you know, the financial challenges to a Jewish day school are always difficult, and the school’s viability has frequently been a concern.

I still worry about the school, but as I have been discussing over the past two years, the PA EITC program has alleviated some of that angst. As you can see in this Extra, we have received a check for $276,000 from the State of PA for last year’s contributions, and my work with various business owners has resulted in participation that could bring us as much as $500,000 next summer! This money supports one of our most important missions- that of supporting needy Jewish children with scholarship assistance.

Please look at this check and envision what a difference this money will make to the school. Join us in identifying people who own businesses paying taxes in PA who could participate in the EITC program on Abrams’ behalf.

It is truly heart-warming that non-Jewish community leaders like Jim McCaffrey of McCaffrey’s Food markets and Paul Mueller of Team Toyota have embraced the EITC program on our behalf. They are incredible examples of generous spirits. I encourage you to follow their lead and help identify people who are eligible to participate in the program.

Finally, this has been an exciting opening week of school- Leslie Kornsgold has assumed her duties as Associate Principal, Dr. Donna Porwancher has begun her tenure as our school psychologist, and we have a newly re-vamped lunch program with food from Espresso Café, pizza, and Dunkin Donuts.

I wish everyone Shana Tova- thank you for being part of the Abrams Hebrew Academy family.

Rabbi Ira Budow