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Abrams Extra November 15, 2019



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November 15, 2019/ 17 Cheshvan


Candle Lighting 4:26 p.m./ Vayera



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Dear Parents:
Please view my video blog this week:

Weekly Blog - November 15, 2019
Weekly Blog – November 15, 2019
Umbrella Street at Abrams
Umbrella Street at Abrams


Umbrella Street in Jerusalem and at Abrams






Rabbi Ira Budow


Jerusalem Mural Wall
Help us complete the Jerusalem of Gold Dedication Mural.  We have limited spaces available. This would be a great gift for a parent to honor their children or for a grandparent to honor their grandchildren.
Special November Pricing
Plaques are 25% off
Plaque WAS NOW
Alumni Section $360 $250
Well $1,000 $750
Step $1,000 $750
Kotel $1,800 $1,350
Window Sill $5,000 $3,750
Large Jug $7,200 $5,400
Small Jug $9,000 $6,750



Thanksgiving at Abrams
Wednesday, November 27, 2018
9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Dismissal


Parents and grandparents are invited to Abrams at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 27 to spend time in their children’s/grandchildren’s classrooms followed by a student performance for grades K-5 in the auditorium.
All are welcome for a Thanksgiving Feast which is organized and facilitated by the Abrams PTO.  Special thanks to Aaron and Sarah Weinstein who cook all of the turkeys.


We still need sponsors for this program- if you are able to donate towards this great event, please contact Rabbi Budow ASAP.
***Finally, please RSVP to the office personnel to let them know how many people in your family will be attending so that we can prepare accordingly.***

PTO Corner
The 2019 BOOK FAIR was a great success! 
Thank you to all who sponsored and to the parent volunteers for the camaraderie and help running the book fair this year: Ruti Stark, Efrat Attoun, Dalya Redel, Liora Zirkel, Cynthia Panday, Hillah Gold, Jeanette Gifford, Dana Feldsher, Brad Hoffman and Danit Evans.
A huge thank you to Albert for all the help and support.

The Abrams Nursery needs an audio baby monitor.  If you have one to donate or if you are able to help fund the purchase, please contact the AHA office.  Thank you!                          

Google Reviews

Abrams Publicity



Abrams needs your help to increase its web presence and let the world know how awesome an Abrams education is for Jewish children!  A 

good review gets the school better rankings and helps with visibility during web searches.


The school is requesting that you post positive 5 star reviews of Abrams on Google. If you want to help the school tell everyone what makes Abrams so special by writing a review, please contact:
Debra Goldfarb- dgoldfarb@abramsonline.org
You will receive an email or text message (your preference) with a link to the short survey and review block.

  1. Open your internet browser.
  2. Next, search for Abrams Hebrew Academy
  3. Scroll down until you see the Write a Review button on the bottom right side of the screen (directly to the right of the Reviews section, next to the Add a photo button).
  4. Click Write a Review.
  5. A box titled Rate and Review will pop up. You will be given the option to select a certain number of stars for Abrams and write out details of your experience(s).
  6. Click Post after selecting a star rating (leaving a description is optional).
Please help Abrams spread the word that it is #1 in Jewish and secular education!!!


Examples of a 5 star review:
“Abrams is like a second home for our family. My children started in kindergarten and attended all through 8th grade. The community, the kids, the teachers, the leadership, the administration — they are second to none. We wish they had a high school!”
The best school! Top academic education but more important best values for the kids. Safe and most friendly environment for the kids!”

Grades K-4 Classroom Showcase
Kindergarten had a fun week of school! The children loved comparing different kinds of trees and making leaf rubbings.
The class read the story titled “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” The story led to a lesson on kindness. Each child brought home a bucket filled with kind words from everyone in the class!


Kindergarten learning about leaves
Morah Sonia’s Kindergarten class sings for peace in Israel.
The Kindergarten sing for peace in Israel
The Kindergarten sing for peace


1st Grade
What happens when air is compressed into a smaller space? Just ask a 1st grader! They discovered when compressed air was in a syringe the plunger went “pop” across the room! Poor Teddy ( our classroom Teddy Bear) was the Target!
Can you say snow dance? What a priceless reaction to a few snowflakes on Tuesday! Yikes, winter doesn’t begin until December 22nd!
1st grade science



1st grade snow dance
1st grade snow dance


2nd Grade


The second grade is studying pebbles, sand and silt in science. We were able to observe different types of rocks and used a black light to see the minerals in the rocks. Thank you to the Zilberberg family for sharing their collection with us.



2nd grade studying science


Morah Raya’s Hebrew language class practices reading Hebrew from the smart board in front of the class.
Morah Raya 2nd grade
2nd grade Hebrew language


Morah Goldy’s 2nd grade had a great time making Mezonot cookies for a classroom activity.
Morah Goldy’s 2nd grade
3rd Grade
The 3rd grade has been learning cursive writing. To go with that theme, we have begun to read the book Muggie Maggie about a girl who dislikes cursive writing.


4th Grade
4th grade Hebrew language

Morah Raya’s 4th grade Hebrew class


4th grade Hebrew language
4th grade Hebrew language

Grades 5-8 Classroom Showcase
5th Grade

5th Grade Social Studies completed a unit on the 5 themes of geography. They had to build their own cities. Here is a small sample. The entire class did an amazing job.



5th grade Social Studies


This week 5th grade English completed their first essays. The class has been working hard on their Tale of Despereaux essays for the past week and a half and they are finally done!  This is the first essay they have written and they all did a wonderful job. Next week we start a new book, Bridge to Terebithia

8th Grade Social Studies
Since we finished the study of the Revolutionary War last year, we have been laying the groundwork for the Civil War. It is finally here! The 8th graders had a very good discussion about whether the North should have fought this war or just let the South secede. Pretty much the entire class pushed for war. (Of course, it does help that we know the outcome of that war.) Arguments included the loss of resources, land and population that secession caused; the precedent that we would be enabling – that a state can leave our Union whenever it is unhappy; and our standing in the world if we cannot even handle our own affairs.
Science Update


Celebrate national take a hike day with Abrams 5th and 6th graders. We will be exploring the trail by the Delaware canal for signs of erosion and deposition.
7th and 8th graders are simulating moon craters impacts to help understand why the moon seems to have so many holes.


8th grade simulating moon craters
Math Update
I would like to take this time to thank all the wonderful parents that ventured out, on Monday, to meet with their children’s teachers at conferences.  I enjoyed meeting with parents that I have known for years, and all of my  new parents.  Communication between students, teachers, and parents is an extremely important part of your children’s education.  When we work together as a team, we are much more capable of preparing our children for the future.  We are already one-quarter of the way through the year, and I look forward to spending the next three-quarters of the year with your children.  I had to get a little bit of math in my blurb!!
Mrs. Lamkey
6th Grade Jewish History
Morah Raya’s 6th grade class is learning about the history and background leading up to the Israeli Declaration of Independence which took place in 1948.


6th grade


6th, 7th, and 8th grade Language Arts


This week all 6th, 7th and 8th grade Honors English classes spent days individually conferencing with their teacher and revising a rough draft. This can be an arduous task, but all of the students should be applauded for their diligence and desire to improve. We’re making progress! 



Conferencing with Mrs. Haas

Basketball Schedule




AHA Basketball Schedule




Good Luck Abrams!




Click below to see the basketball schedules for the girls and boys teams.



Social Media


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Lunch Menu


Macaroni and Cheese
Potato Knish


French Fries
Cucumber/Cherry tomatoes




Pasta with Marinara Sauce
Veggie Schnitzel
French Fries


Potato Burekas
Rice with vegetables
French Fries
Steamed Vegetables




Pizza Bagels
French Fries


Hot Dogs
Chicken Nuggets
French Fries


Bricks in the Link

Buy a Brick on the Link Wall and
Support AHA



Support Abrams by purchasing a commemorative brick on the wall in the Link for a $100 donation. The bricks are made of colored Plexiglas and visibly located on the wall outside the gym.
Buy a brick to commemorate a special occasion- it is a wonderful and lasting gift to celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah,  birthday, anniversary, graduation, or to recognize the memory of a loved one or friend.
Your donation will be acknowledged to the recipient, and Abrams will benefit from your donation.


Please contact the office if you would like to purchase a brick.



“New Family Recruitment”
Open houses in people’s homes is an effective way to meet with families who are potentially interested in enrolling their children at Abrams. Rabbi Budow and a small group of faculty members are happy to travel to meet informally with your friends and neighbors to discuss the advantages and opportunities that Abrams offers to Jewish children.
If you would like to volunteer to host one of these gatherings, please contact Rabbi Budow.


Support AHA Donor Businesess
Abrams is greatly appreciative of all of the benefactors who donate generously to the school through participation in EITC, LLC, grants, cash donations, etc. Many of these donors are business owners, and Abrams encourages the AHA community to support the businesses of these people whose largess supports the school.
Some of these generous people are:
Expert Home Care
McCaffrey’s Food Market
Team Toyota
Swartz & Culleton
Rothenberg Law Firm
Flager & Associates
Princeton Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Marcus & Auerbach


Marlowe, Zwillenberg & Ghaderi
Your Eyes Center

Espresso Cafe

Center For SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery
* This is not a complete list- we will add businesses throughout the year!
Thank you very much to all of our supporters!

Abrams thanks Oorah, a nonprofit organization located in Lakewood, NJ for all of its financial support to our students.
Oorah sponsors numerous programs that all share the common goal of opening doors for Jewish children and families. The mission is to reach out to Jewish families everywhere with opportunities to make their Judaic heritage more personal, relevant and meaningful.
Abrams received $100,000 in scholarship aid for qualified families this year from Oorah and is extremely grateful for the generosity of this organization.


Safety and Security Reminders



Reminder- AHA Security Procedures:

  • All parents should use the front door to enter the school with key cards and not the back doors. Parent swipe cards only work at front door.
  • Please do not ask students to open any doors– parents must report to the front office and check-in before entering the school.
  • No student or other person should use the lunchroom doors other than for dismissal or emergency purposes.

These rules are for our children’s safety.

Thank you for your cooperation! 




Abrams Notes

Birthday Celebrations at School
When sending birthday treats into school to celebrate that special day for your child, please consider sending in a healthy treat, such as frozen fruit bars, rice cakes, fruit salad or cups, sugar free pudding snacks, yogurt cake or pie, cheese sticks, light popcorn or air popped popcorn (when age appropriate), pretzels, carrots/celery (when age appropriate).

Please do not send anything with nuts due to allergies. 
In order to maintain a consistent kashrut policy and to avoid confusion, ALL orders for birthday cakes/cupcakes MUST be ordered from Cramer’s Bakery, 16 E. Afton Avenue, Yardley. Cramer’s will deliver the order to the school at a discounted price.
Please call Kim Pierce at 215-321-5707 to place your cake/ cupcake order.


Celebrate Your Simcha at Abrams


Abrams Hebrew Academy is a perfect choice to host your family or social affair, business meeting or athletic event.  Whether you’re looking for an inviting space to celebrate a special occasion; a meeting area with state-of-the art technology; a fun, safe environment for a child’s birthday; or a gym or athletic field for a sporting event, Abrams can accommodate your needs and your budget.  For more information on room rentals at Abrams Hebrew Academy, call (215) 493-1800 or e-mail info@abramsonline.org.

Check Your Child’s Assignments with Homework Now

Parents- all homework will be posted on-line by all teachers grades K-8 by Sunday evening each week.
Instructions for use of homeworknow.com:
Click on homeworknow.com
Click on Parent and Student
Click on find school
Click on Pennsylvania
Click on Abrams Hebrew Academy
Click on your child’s teacher
View homework assignments
Updated Car Pool Rules for Dismissal:
Car Pool Rules:
All Parents who Car Pool:
Please note that the car pool line is for grades N and K only. All other students are to be dropped off in the front of the building.
Parents who use the back for drop off should follow the directions of the teachers in the parking lot. They are there to assist students and maintain a safe environment.  
Under no circumstances are parents to park their cars in the middle of the line and leave them unattended to walk students into the building.  

** We ask that parents refrain from cellphone use in the parking areas while dropping off and picking up their children.


Abrams Dress Code:
Cell Phone Rules:

Share Abrams News With Others

Is there a family member (such as a grandparent) or friend who would be interested in hearing about everything going on at Abrams?  Sign them up for our e-mail list today!  Please contact the Main Office.

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