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Abrams Extra January 4, 2019



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2019 Matching Campaign
Thanks to the PTO
2019 Israel Trip
EITC Round Concludes
After School Art Club
Gabay Bar Mitzvah
Revised Basketball Schedule 2018-19
Kindergarten Opportunity
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January 4, 2019/ 27 Tevet


Candle Lighting 4:24 pm/ Vaera



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Dear Parents:



As you know, our annual fundraising campaign is about to begin. The mailing with all of the information detailing the 36 hour on-line campaign beginning 9:00 am, Tuesday, February 5, 2019 will be sent shortly, and Abrams really needs the support of our entire community this year.


I know that many of you think that we already do a lot of fundraising, but in actuality most of this fundraising during the year only involves a limited number of people. A very small proportion of our community participates in EITC, and the alumni campaign obviously only includes alums. We are sensitive to the financial demands on our families, but this is the one time a year that we reach out to our entire Abrams community for support.
Abrams does not have an endowment, and our line of credit with the bank is limited. Abrams suffers from the same financial pressures that affect all other private schools, and each year it becomes more difficult to make ends meet. In order for Abrams to continue as an alternative to public school and provide the best secular and religious education to the region’s Jewish community we have to break the cycle of borrowing from here to pay something there. That being said, our annual fundraising goal for this year is an ambitious $600,000.
The really good news is that we have already raised a substantial amount of new money from various sources. We have received large increases in funding from 5 of our major donors, the board of directors, and from sales of plaques on the Jerusalem mural. This additional funding totals approximately $250,000 in new money that is committed to date, and that is very encouraging.
Our goal is to raise $300,000 in new money, and in order to do so we are asking each of you to increase your gift to the school this year. Of course, we want to make this as easy as possible for everyone to participate at a comfortable level and to offer a tangible incentive to do so. This year’s annual campaign celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Israel trip, and the Jerusalem mural commemorates this auspicious occasion. Hundreds of Abrams students and parents have made the trip to Israel with our school, and this stunning piece of art is a beautiful way to recognize this achievement. We’d like as many of our families as possible to be included on this mural and want to make it as affordable as we can.
If you previously donated less than $360 and increase your donation to $360, your family’s name will be displayed on the Jerusalem board with 2 other families (3 families per plaque). If you gave more than $360 in past campaigns and increase your previous donation by at least $360, your name will be inscribed on a plaque with two other families (3 families per plaque).
I believe that if our Abrams families all commit to participating in the annual campaign and increasing their donations, even by a small amount, we can achieve our lofty goal and help to ensure Abrams’ future.
Rabbi Ira Budow



2019 Annual Matching Campaign

2019 Annual Matching Campaign
Donate Online:
9:00 am February 5, 2019-
9:00 pm February 6, 2019
This year’s annual campaign marks the 20th anniversary of the annual 8th grade trip to Israel, and there is no more fitting theme for the year and our annual fundraising event. 
Please join Abrams in celebrating and commemorating this auspicious occasion by participating in the annual fundraising campaign. Your support will enable Abrams to continue to foster a love of Israel and a culture of Zionism at the school for many years to come!
Watch your mail after the first of the year for the information about participating in our upcoming annual fundraising matching campaign!

Every dollar you donate to our 36 hour campaign

will be quadrupled thanks to generous donors and the members of the Abrams board of directors.
To qualify for the match all donations/pledges must be received by Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019-Wednesday, Feb 6, 2019.
Donate on-line at charidy.com/abrams for 36 hours beginning 9:00 am February 5, 2019.
You may also donate NOW by sending your check and/or credit card information to the school office. 
Please direct questions to Debra Goldfarb, Director of Development; dgoldfarb@abramsonline.org.

Thanks to the PTO Volunteers
Many thanks to the AHA PTO volunteers Sarah Weinstein and Efrat Attoun who came together to make sure that the invitations to our annual fund raising event were mailed on time.  Special thanks to Yvonne Carroll!

Israel Trip
2019 Israel Trip 
Abrams is getting ready for this year’s Israel trip. It is particularly special because it will mark the 20th anniversary of our annual graduation excursions to Israel, and Abrams wants to make it the most memorable experience ever! To that end, during the trip the students will meet with three people who lived in the local region, made Aliyah, and are currently living satisfying lives in Israel.
Yoram Raanan, Tal Brody and Ari Greenspan have something in common- Tal Brody and Ari Greenspan were raised in Trenton, NJ (Ari attended the school when it was called the Trenton Hebrew Academy), and Yoram lived nearby in Philadelphia- all of them emigrated from the U.S. to Israel and have made happy and successful lives for themselves there.
Tal became “Mr. Basketball” after he decided to live in Israel and play for Maccabi Tel Aviv, and Yoram has enjoyed a successful career as an artist. Ari is a dentist and the co-founder of the Ptil Tekhelet Association in Jerusalem. He is also an artist. All three of these people are immigrants to Israel and have created new lives for themselves. I want our students to meet these pioneers and say, “This could be me.”
Every year Abrams dedicates a Torah to the IDF as part of the graduation ceremony. This does not happen by itself- the donation depends on someone funding the purchase and transport of the Torah. The cost is $10,000 and is tax-deductible. In the past the Torah has often been donated by someone who is participating in the trip with a student family member, and anyone who has seen the presentation will say that it is a truly magical experience.
Please consider making this worthwhile gift- if you are interested, contact Rabbi Budow for more information.


OORAH Visits Abrams
OORAH Founder Rabbi Mintz Visits AHA
Rabbi Mintz is the leader of OORAH, an organization based in Lakewood whose mission is to bring Jews closer to their Judaism with various outreach programs that include Torah education, community programs, scholarships for children leaving public school to attend Jewish day schools, etc. Many Abrams students benefit from OORAH’s continued generosity, and parents are encouraged to participate in their on-going learning programs. It was an honor to welcome Rabbi Mintz to the school.
Ironically, when Rabbi Mintz and members of his staff visited the school before the winter break a prospective Russian family was visiting at the same time. Rabbi Mintz knew the family, and he said that it made him realize the important work that Abrams is doing in providing a Jewish environment and education to families who would otherwise be sending their children to public schools.
Abrams is grateful to Rabbi Mintz and OORAH for its generosity to the school through the years.

EITC Round Concludes

EITC Round Concludes
The latest round of EITC enrollment has concluded, and once again Paul Mueller of Team Toyota has generously chosen Abrams to receive $100,000 over two years from his PA State taxes. I single out Paul and his wife because they are not Jewish, but they include Abrams in their philanthropic outreach in addition to the Catholic school their grandchildren attend just because they believe it’s the right thing to do.
They are truly righteous people, and just as the non-Jewish business person Oskar Schindler saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust because he felt it was the right thing, Paul and his wife think this is the right thing, as well.
Why am I telling you this? It is because as encouraging as it is when people like the Muellers support the school, it is discouraging when Jewish members of our community who are able to participate in the EITC program do not even consider participating. Please think of at least looking into the EITC program to determine if it is something that would benefit you and the school.
The Abrams community is encouraged to patronize donor businesses when possible, so please consider Team Toyota if you are looking to purchase a vehicle.
Rabbi Ira Budow

After School Art
After School Art w/
Donna Moskowitz
After School Art Club 
Tuesday- 3:30-5
January 15-March 19
Cost: $100
Sign up form:

Yonatan Gabay Bar Mitzvah

Gabay Bar Mitzvah
This past weekend I attended the Bar Mitzvah of Yonatan Gabay, and it was really special to see the entire Gabay family gathered at this simcha. Rabbi Amiram Gabay, Yonatan’s grandfather and long-time teacher at Abrams, was also in attendance, and it was heart-warming to see a family with over 3 decades of affiliation with Abrams join together for such a happy occasion.
Eli Gaby has educated 5 children at Abrams, and he and his wife Tsofia are staunch supporters of the school and Jewish education. The Bar Mitzvah was observant and lovely, and it was great to see Avi Ohayon, an Abrams alumnus, too. 
Mazal Tov to the Gabay family and thanks to them for inviting me to share in their nachas!
Rabbi Ira Budow


Avi Ohayon and Rabbi Budow



Revised Basketball Schedule 2018/19





 AHA Revised Basketball Schedule
Click below to see the basketball schedule for the girls and boys teams. Go Abrams and Mr. G!





 Kindergarten Enrollment
Current Abrams families with a child not currently attending Abrams who will be starting Kindergarten in September, 2019 will be eligible for special tuition pricing.
This offer is limited to the first 10 new Kindergarten students enrolled. 
If you are interested, please call Rabbi Budow immediately.


Bricks in the Link

Buy a Brick on the Link Wall and
Support AHA



Support Abrams by purchasing a commemorative brick on the wall in the Link for a $100 donation. The bricks are made of colored Plexiglas and visibly located on the wall outside the gym.
Buy a brick to commemorate a special occasion- it is a wonderful and lasting gift to celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah,  birthday, anniversary, graduation, or to recognize the memory of a loved one or friend.
Your donation will be acknowledged to the recipient, and Abrams will benefit from your donation.


Please contact the office if you would like to purchase a brick.



“New Family Recruitment”
Open houses in people’s homes is an effective way to meet with families who are potentially interested in enrolling their children at Abrams. Rabbi Budow and a small group of faculty members are happy to travel to meet informally with your friends and neighbors to discuss the advantages and opportunities that Abrams offers to Jewish children.
If you would like to volunteer to host one of these gatherings, please contact Rabbi Budow.


Safety and Security Reminders



Reminder- AHA Security Procedures:

  • All parents should use the front door to enter the school with key cards and not the back doors. Parent swipe cards only work at front door.
  • Please do not ask students to open any doors- parents must report to the front office and check-in before entering the school.
  • No student or other person should use the lunchroom doors other than for dismissal or emergency purposes.

These rules are for our children’s safety.

Thank you for your cooperation!




Cell Phone Rules
REMINDER: Cell Phone Rules
Electronic devices have become a common means of communication and information access in today’s society.  However, these devices have the potential of disrupting the orderly operation of school.  Our cell phone/personal electronic devices policy is designed to keep the focus on education.
At the start of the school day, all cell phones MUST BE TURNED OFF (NOT IN SILENT MODE) AND STORED IN THE STUDENT’S LOCKER OR BOOK BAG FROM 8:30 AM UNTIL 3:30 PM. Students are not permitted to carry them on their person or to use them to make or receive any calls or text messages during the given time.
If a student has an emergency, and needs to be in contact with someone, she/he must use a school phone, or have the permission of  a faculty member, to use his/her cell phone.  Parents should contact the school office, if they have an emergency message for their
Electric devices, such as iPods, or hand-held gaming devices may be used on the bus/van transportation to/from school, prior to school, and following school.   Students must turn off and place these items in their locker/backpack during school hours.
If any of these items are out at the inappropriate time, they will be confiscated by staff, and given to the director of discipline.
Students will be allowed to bring cell phones on school trips for emergency use only.  Any hand-held gaming device will be the responsibility of the students on a school trip.
The school is not responsible for lost, misplaced, damaged or stolen electronic devices/cell phones.
1st Offense – Phone confiscated, and returned at the end of the day.
2nd Offense – Phone confiscated, returned at the end of the day, and written notification that requires parent signature.
3rd Offense – Phone confiscated, and parent must pick up phone from director of discipline.
4th Offense – Suspension from school



Support AHA Donor Businesess
Abrams is greatly appreciative of all of the benefactors who donate generously to the school through participation in EITC, LLC, grants, cash donations, etc. Many of these donors are business owners, and Abrams encourages the AHA community to support the businesses of these people whose largess supports the school.
Some of these generous people are:
Expert Home Care
McCaffrey’s Food Market
Team Toyota
Swartz & Culleton
Rothenberg Law Firm
Flager & Associates
Princeton Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Marcus & Auerbach


Marlowe, Zwillenberg & Ghaderi
Your Eyes Center

Espresso Cafe

Center For SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery
* This is not a complete list- we will add businesses throughout the year!
Thank you very much to all of our supporters!

Abrams thanks Oorah, a nonprofit organization located in Lakewood, NJ for all of its financial support to our students.


Oorah sponsors numerous programs that all share the common goal of opening doors for Jewish children and families. The mission is to reach out to Jewish families everywhere with opportunities to make their Judaic heritage more personal, relevant and meaningful.


Abrams received $100,000 in scholarship aid for qualified families this year from Oorah and is extremely grateful for the generosity of this organization.


School Lunches

Please do not send meat lunches or snacks to school with your children. 
Food sent from home must be 
dairy or Pareve only!
Thank you very much for your cooperation

Car Pool Rules 

All Parents who Car Pool:


Please note that the car pool line is for grades N and K only. All other students are to be dropped off in the front of the building.


Parents who use the back for drop off should follow the directions of the teachers in the parking lot. They are there to assist students and maintain a safe environment.  


Under no circumstances are parents to park their cars in the middle of the line and leave them unattended to walk students into the building.  


** We ask that parents refrain from cellphone use in the parking areas while dropping off and picking up their children.


Abrams Dress Code
Dress Code
Studies have found that appropriate dress influences behavior and learning.  Abrams strives through the dress code to maximize the learning environment.
Respect for the sensitivities of others requires that students/parents/guests follow reasonable standards of modesty and privacy.  We ask that students/parents/guests dress in a manner befitting a Jewish day school when entering the building.
Dress Code for Grades 1-8
  • Clothing cannot advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or weapons.
  •  Clothing cannot display writing or pictures that are obscene or suggestive.
  • No writing or pictures on the back of pants.
  • No sleepwear or bedroom slippers to be worn at any time, unless pre-approved for a special occasion.
  • Heavy linked chains may not be worn as jewelry.
  • No extreme hair colors are permitted.
  • All boys must come to school wearing a kippah.  Baseball caps and other head coverings are NOT permitted.
  • No sleeveless shirts, tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, crop tops, belly shirts, or tight shirts.
Dress Code for Boys Grades 5-8
  • Shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and tee-shirts should be appropriate for school.  Students may not wear undershirts.
  • Pants or denim jeans must be properly hemmed and not dragging on the floor.  Pants will not have rips, holes, or fraying and will not be too tight or over-sized.
  • Shorts must be to the knee.
  • Pants/shorts will not sag, as underwear may not be visible.
  • Boys are to be clean-shaven.
  • Hair is to be well groomed.  Partially or fully shaved heads and ponytails are not allowed.
  • Piercings of any kind are not allowed.
Dress Code for Girls Grades 5-8
  • Dresses/skirts/shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  •  Pants or denim jeans must be properly hemmed and not dragging on the floor.  Pants or shorts will not have rips, holes, or fraying and will not be too tight.
  • Leggings of any type are not permitted to be worn in place of skirts or pants, but may be worn under clothing.  If worn, they must be accompanied by a fingertip length or longer, dress, skirt, or top.
  • Clothing that exposes any part of the midriff, cleavage (front or rear), or any clothing excessively revealing may not be worn.
  • Clothing materials for tops and bottoms must be opaque (not see-through).
Consequences for Students Who Do Not Follow the Dress Code:
  • 1st Offense – Explain to student what is wrong with his/her attire.  Student must change into appropriate clothing.
  • 2nd Offense – Written notification that requires parent signature.  Student must change into appropriate clothing.
  • 3rd Offense – Student must change clothes to follow guidelines and parent is called on the telephone immediately.
  • 4th Offense – Suspension from school.
  • Parent conference required for student to return to school.


Abrams Notes

Birthday Celebrations at School
When sending birthday treats into school to celebrate that special day for your child, please consider sending in a healthy treat, such as frozen fruit bars, rice cakes, fruit salad or cups, sugar free pudding snacks, yogurt cake or pie, cheese sticks, light popcorn or air popped popcorn (when age appropriate), pretzels, carrots/celery (when age appropriate).

Please do not send anything with nuts due to allergies. 

In order to maintain a consistent kashrut policy and to avoid confusion, ALL orders for birthday cakes/cupcakes MUST be ordered from Cramer’s Bakery, 16 E. Afton Avenue, Yardley. Cramer’s will deliver the order to the school at a discounted price.

Please call Kim Pierce at 215-321-5707 to place your cake/ cupcake order.


Celebrate Your Simcha at Abrams


Abrams Hebrew Academy is a perfect choice to host your family or social affair, business meeting or athletic event.  Whether you’re looking for an inviting space to celebrate a special occasion; a meeting area with state-of-the art technology; a fun, safe environment for a child’s birthday; or a gym or athletic field for a sporting event, Abrams can accommodate your needs and your budget.  For more information on room rentals at Abrams Hebrew Academy, call (215) 493-1800 or e-mail info@abramsonline.org.

Check Your Child’s Assignments with Homework Now

Parents- all homework will be posted on-line by all teachers grades K-8 by Sunday evening each week.

Instructions for use of homeworknow.com:

Click on homeworknow.com

Click on Parent and Student

Click on find school

Click on Pennsylvania

Click on Abrams Hebrew Academy

Click on your child’s teacher

View homework assignments


Share Abrams News With Others

Is there a family member (such as a grandparent) or friend who would be interested in hearing about everything going on at Abrams?  Sign them up for our e-mail list today!  Please contact the Main Office.

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