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Abrams Extra March 17, 2017



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Candle Lighting
Friday Dismissal Date Change
Updated March Program Information
This is Hunger
Registration Opportunity
8th Grade Parent Meting
OSTC Referrals
Sefer Torah Project
Book Fair Volunteers
Thanks to the PTO
EITC Advocacy
After School Art Club
After School High School Learning
EITC Update
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March 17, 2017/  19 Adar
Candle Lighting 6:53 pm/ Ki Tisa

Rabbi Budow   


Dear Parents:
In this column I try to give my insights and perspective about what I think from a Jewish point of view. Today I’d like to examine something that I believe is beautiful and meaningful in a very special way. As you all know, from my previous writings, our former AHA teacher and my close friend Yuval is suffering from cancer, and his prognosis is now extremely dire. He has been teaching in Hollywood, FL for a number of years, and his friends and colleagues there joined together to do a true mitzvah for him and his family- they gave them peace of mind during his final days.
Yuval’s community held a campaign to raise money for his family, and within 3 days they collected enough to pay off their house and give them extra money, too. I participated in this campaign and couldn’t believe how the community rallied around this family- they have already raised $250,000 and are still counting….
The Torah has many laws, particularly concerning holidays, and we are now approaching the holiday of Passover. For most of us this entails a lot of cleaning and shopping, and our biggest concerns are whether or not we will be able to find the right soda or other food that is kosher for Passover so that we do not feel deprived. But this is not what the Torah teaches is the most important thing about which Jews should be concerned.
One of the main issues the Torah cares about is taking care of widows and orphans, and the Torah exhorts us to support them and make sure that we do not harm or take advantage of those who are left without their spouse and parent. This is a universal law of goodness, and who can argue with that?
Anyone who is able to help in performing this mitzvah of support should do so- it is the essence of what Hashem cares about and wants us to do.


Rabbi Ira Budow


Friday Dismissal Schedule 
Spring forward clock
Regular 3:45 Dismissal Starts TODAY, March 17, 2017

Updated March Programs
** Note Changes to
March Special Programs
**Both Programs will be presented on Monday, March 20, 2017 
beginning at 9:15 a.m.
Monday, March 20, 2017
9:15 a.m.


IDF Soldiers



On Monday, March 20, 2017 10 IDF soldiers will visit Abrams. They will talk about their experiences in the military and have lunch with our students.

It is always a wonderful opportunity to meet these brave young soldiers discussing Israel and serving their country. We are particularly pleased to welcome 2 women soldiers this year, and it’s bound to be a fun, inspirational, and informative morning.



1:00 p.m.
Tal Brody and the film, “ON THE MAP”

Monday, March 20, 2017 Tal Brody, Israeli basketball star and cultural icon, will visit Abrams at the screening of the film, “ON THE MAP.” 


ON THE MAP tells the against-all-odds story of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s 1977 win of the European Cup. Through the conduit of sports, ON THE MAP tells a much broader story of Israel and the Jewish people during the Cold War. The film recounts how the underdog Israeli team prevailed over CSKA Moscow (known in the West as “Red Army”) – a team that refused to play against Israel. Moments after this highly charged and historical win, American player Tal Brody captured the heart of the young nation when he famously said, “Israel is ON THE MAP, not just in sport, but in everything.”



This is Hunger

On Tuesday, March 21st, the 6th – 8th graders will have the special opportunity to participate in a program run by MAZON (A Jewish Response to Hunger) and sponsored by Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Mercer County.
We will travel to Adath Israel Congregation in Lawrenceville to experience an interactive exhibit that will bring our students face to face with hunger in America. Permission slips were distributed to students. A copy is also attached to this Extra. Only students with a permission slip may participate in this activity.
This Is Hunger is open to the community and will be at located at Adath Israel Congregation, 1958 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 from Tuesday, March 21 until Thursday, March 23.    There are tours open to the entire community.
To see when the truck is open and reserve your free tickets, visit:
This is Hunger and click on Find Tickets.
For questions, please contact: Lisa Adler, Coordinator of Community Engagement & Volunteers at JFCS at LisaA@jfcsonline.org or 609-987-8100 X113.
We look forward to seeing you in the truck!



Registration Opportunity March 26, 2017

2017-18 Registration Opportunity
Sunday, March 26, 2017
This year it is particularly important for you to register as soon as possible. The Greater Philadelphia Jewish Federation has made it very clear that total registration numbers for each school must be submitted to them early so that they can determine the allocations for funding.
If we do not submit our registration numbers on time it will affect our allocation and YOUR financial aid!
If you have not yet registered for 2017-18 we will be at Abrams on Sunday, March 26, 2017 from 10:00 am-12:30 pm to take your registration packets, help you fill out the financial aid forms on-line, and answer questions.
Carol will be calling people next week to set appointments- please make an appointment to meet with her if you need assistance with the financial aid forms!
Please make sure to bring:
Your completed registration form(s) with your $500 per child deposit;
Philadelphia parents:
Your check for $150 per child to reserve seats on the bus. * Please note- seating is limited! You will not be guaranteed space on the bus without a deposit.
If you cannot afford the entire deposit you can discuss that when you are here for your appointment.
Thank you for helping us and yourself by registering as early as possible!


השנה חשוב שכולם ירשמו בהקדם האפשרי. הפדרציה היהודית של פילדלפיה דורשת מאיתנו להגיש מוקדם השנה את מספר התלמידים הנרשמים כדי שיוכלו לקבוע את הקצאות המימון.
אם אנו לא נפרסם את מספר התלמידים הנרשמים בזמן, דבר זה ישפיע על ההקצאה שלנו ועל הסיוע הכלכלי שלכם!
אם עדיין לא נרשמתם לשנת הלימודים 2017-18 נהיה באברמס ביום ראשון, 26 במרץ, בין 10-12:30 לקבל את טפסי ההרשמה שלכם, לעזור לכם למלא את טפסי הסיוע הכלכלי ולענות על שאלות.
בשבוע הבא, קרול תתקשר לאנשים בכדי לקבוע פגישות למי שזקוק לעזרה בבקשות לסיוע כלכלי, אנא, קבעו איתה במהרה אם אתם זקוקים לעזרה זו.
הקפידו להביא את טיפסי ההרשמה מלאים וחתומים עם $500 פיקדון לכל ילד.
הורי פילדלפיה:
אנא הביאו המחאה על סך $150 לכל ילד כדי לוודא את מקומו באוטובוס. * אנא שימו לב, מספר המקומות מוגבל! אתם לא תהיו מובטחים מקום באוטובוס ללא פיקדון.
אם אתם לא יכולים לתת את הפיקדונות במלואם, אנא שוחחו על כך בפגישתכם אתנו כאן.
תודה על שיתוף הפעולה!


Дорогие родители,
Пожалуйста примите к сведению что очень важно зарегистрировать ваших детей на следующий учебный год как можно скорее. Еврейская Федерация Филадельфии которая занимается распределением финансовой помощи местным еврейским школам требует сообщить ко&#x04#x043b;ичество учеников на следующий учебный год как можно быстрее.
Если мы не предоставим эти цифры вовремя, мы потеряем шанс на адекватную финансовую помощь от Еврейской Федерации что напрямую повлияет на получение финансовой помощи каждому из вас!
Если вы еще не зарегистрировались на 2017-1918 год, мы поможем вам с регистрацией в воскресенье, 26 марта с 10:00 до 12:30 утра в школе.  Наши работники помогут вам заполнить анкету на финансовую помощь и ответят на любые ваши вопросы.
На следующей неделе Carol позвонит каждой из наших семей чтобы назначить встречу с теми кто нуждается в помощи с оформлением документов.
Принесите пожалуйста с собой следующие документы:
  • заполненные регистрационные формы
  • $500 взнос за каждого ребенка
Семьи проживающие в Филадельфии:
  • $150 чтобы зарезервировать место в автобусе за каждого ребенка. *Обратите внимание что количество мест в автобусе ограничено! Мы не сможем гарантировать места в автобусе без депозита.
Если вы не можете внести полный депозит, мы будем рады обсудить это во время встречи.
Благодарим вас за понимание и помощь с регистрацией!




8th Grade Parent Meeting

Final Israel Trip
Meeting for 8th Grade Parents
Monday, March 27, 2017
7:00 pm
Every 8th grade parent and student must attend this important meeting. The itinerary will be discussed in detail, and we will also discuss the dedication of a Torah to the IDF; a long-standing tradition that we will continue this year.
After the Israel trip meeting we will hold a brief meeting for those of you who are interested in the after school high school starting in the fall.
Please- we are asking that ALL 8th grade parents and students attend this meeting-

OSTC Referrals and EITC for Nursery

PA Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC)


Significant financial aid may be available to families who qualify for the PA Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC).
Children who attend a state-designated underperforming school are eligible to receive scholarship funding from the OSTC program that allows children to attend Abrams Hebrew Academy  at a minimal cost.


**Refer a  NEW family who qualifies for funding from the OSTC program and enrolls a child or children for 2017-18;


**Receive a $1500 discount from your tuition bill for each NEW student who is enrolled! 
Know someone interested who qualifies? Call Rabbi Budow at 215-584-7919.

OSTC Qualifying Schools

** Nursery Parents:
You may qualify to receive EITC funding for Pre-K- call Rabbi Budow to discuss whether or not you can benefit from this program!

Sefer Torah Project
Abrams will participate in a special writing of a Sefer Torah whereby acts of chesed are used to acquire individual letters of the Torah.
This project is a joint initiative of The Afikim Foundation and Israel’s Ministry for Diaspora Affairs to write a Global Unity Sefer Torah celebrating the 50th Anniversary of a Reunited Jerusalem.
Jews everywhere can inscribe letters in the Torah, NOT with money, but with simple acts of chesed- everyday kindnesses that positively impact the lives of others.
More details of the role that AHA will play in this wonderful project will follow.
Click below to find out more about this initiative:


Thanks to the Book Fair Volunteers
Book Fair Volunteers
Thanks to the people who volunteered to help with the Spring Book Fair! Abrams appreciates the time that you gave to support the school in this campaign.
Special recognition and gratitude goes to Meryl Widensky- her hard work and incredible organization skills never fail to impress!

Thanks to the PTO

The teachers and staff would like to give a tremendous thank you to the PTO for providing dinner for us at parent teacher conferences on Wednesday.
The sustenance is much appreciated. We are very appreciative of the support the PTO gives to the teachers and staff at Abrams.


EITC Advocacy

EITC and OSTC: Take Action
Email Your Representative Now!


Dear Teach PA Supporter,

House Bill 250, introduced by Speaker of the House Mike Turzai, aims to increase funding for the EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) and OSTC (Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit) programs. These programs result in millions of dollars in scholarships for Jewish day school students throughout Pennsylvania.

HB 250 will increase tax credits available under EITC by $50 million (to $175 million) and the amount of tax credits available under OSTC by $25 million (to $75 million).

Please urge your representatives to support HB 250, to provide increased funding for these vital scholarship programs.

CLICK HERE, follow the quick instructions, and your letter will automatically be sent.

Thank you,

Arielle Frankston-Morris
Teach PA – A Project of the Orthodox Union



After School Art

Spring After School Art Club
Dates:          Monday Afternoons (8 classes)
March 27, April 3, 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22, June 5
Time:           3:30-5:00 pm
Place:          Abrams Hebrew Academy
Cost:            $100
Registration Form:



For more information contact Donna Moskowitz


After School Learning
After School High School Learning
The after school high school learning program will begin in 2017-18. The classes will meet twice a week to study Hebrew language and Jewish texts.
This program will consist of a high level, rigorous curriculum and be open to Abrams graduates and selected outside students who already have a strong foundation in Jewish studies and Hebrew language.
Please contact Rabbi Budow if you are interested in this exciting, new program!



EITC July 1, 2017 Date
EITC Date To Apply On-Line
The date for new business applications to the EITC program is July 1, 2017.
As you know, the business receives a tax credit in PA and a tax deduction on federal income taxes. 
If you or someone you know has a business that can take advantage of this opportunity and help Abrams to offer financial assistance to our qualifying families, please contact Rabbi Ira Budow at 215-584-7919. 
**We are starting now so that everyone is ready for he July 1, 2017 application date. The applications are ALL submitted on the same day, on a first-come, first-served basis, so timing is very critical. 
Thank you for your consideration.



Lunch Menu
Food from Espresso Cafe:
Penne with vegetables & Feta
 Israeli salad
American cheese baguette
Caesar salad
Fettuccine with marinara sauce
Greek salad
Egg salad & tuna salad sandwiches
Available Every Day:
Bagels, butter & cream cheese
French Fries
Hash Browns
Lunch cost:  $5 per day


Safety and Security Reminders



Just a reminder of AHA security procedures:

  • All parents should use the front door to enter the school with key cards and not the back doors. Parent swipe cards only work at front door.
  • Please do not ask students to open any doors- parents must report to the front office and check-in before entering the school.
  • No student or other person should use the lunchroom doors other than for dismissal or emergency purposes.

These rules are for our children’s safety.

Thank you for your cooperation!




Car Pool Rules 

All Parents who Car Pool:


Please note that the car pool line is for grades N and K only. All other students are to be dropped off in the front of the building.


Parents who use the back for drop off should follow the directions of the teachers in the parking lot. They are there to assist students and maintain a safe environment.  


Under no circumstances are parents to park their cars in the middle of the line and leave them unattended to walk students into the building.  


** We ask that parents refrain from cellphone use in the parking areas while dropping off and picking up their children.


Abrams Notes

Birthday Celebrations at School
When sending birthday treats into school to celebrate that special day for your child, please consider sending in a healthy treat, such as frozen fruit bars, rice cakes, fruit salad or cups, sugar free pudding snacks, yogurt cake or pie, cheese sticks, light popcorn or air popped popcorn (when age appropriate), pretzels, carrots/celery (when age appropriate).Please avoid nuts because of allergies.

In order to maintain a consistent kashrut policy and to avoid confusion, ALL orders for birthday cakes/cupcakes MUST be ordered from Cramer’s Bakery, 16 E. Afton Avenue, Yardley. Cramer’s will deliver the order to the school at a discounted price.

Please call Kim Pierce at 215-321-5707 to place your cake/ cupcake order.


Celebrate Your Simcha at Abrams


Abrams Hebrew Academy is a perfect choice to host your family or social affair, business meeting or athletic event.  Whether you’re looking for an inviting space to celebrate a special occasion; a meeting area with state-of-the art technology; a fun, safe environment for a child’s birthday; or a gym or athletic field for a sporting event, Abrams can accommodate your needs and your budget.  For more information on room rentals at Abrams Hebrew Academy, call (215) 493-1800 or e-mail info@abramsonline.org.

Check Your Child’s Assignments with Homework Now

Parents- all homework will be posted on-line by all teachers grades K-8 by Sunday evening each week.

Instructions for use of homeworknow.com:

Click on homeworknow.com

Click on Parent and Student

Click on find school

Click on Pennsylvania

Click on Abrams Hebrew Academy

Click on your child’s teacher

View homework assignments


Share Abrams News With Others

Is there a family member (such as a grandparent) or friend who would be interested in hearing about everything going on at Abrams?  Sign them up for our e-mail list today!  Please contact the Main Office.

Information about the Extra

Please submit any information to be considered for inclusion in the Extra to Dale Sattin, Director of Development & Communications: dsattin@abramsonline.org. (215) 493-1800 ext. 22 by

Wednesday of the target week.




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