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Abrams Extra April 22, 2016



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Nehalel Siddur
Kindergarten Pesach Play
Holocaust Remembrance
Matching Grant Opportunity
Spring Art Club
Kohelet Baseball League
Art Show Save the Date
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April 22, 2016/  14 Nisan
Candle Lighting 7:28  pm/ Passover


The Budowsphere
Rabbi Budow



At the conclusion of the Seder each year we say, Li-shanah Haba’ah Bi-rushalayim Ha-bnu-yah- “Next Year in the Rebuilt Jerusalem.” As I reflect upon the last few months there were times when I felt we might not actually get to Jerusalem this year.
In January I intended to lead an Israel Solidarity trip, but due to my surgery and other extenuating circumstances that trip did not occur. After my recovery, the turmoil and violence in Israel made parents justifiably concerned about sending their children on the 8th grade trip, and I really wondered if we should just cancel entirely for this year.
We finally came to a compromise and planned a shorter, revised trip. We are now going to Israel with 11 students and will visit the Knesset, Tel Aviv, Masada, the Dead Sea, and other places of importance in the Holy Land.
Ironically, as I think about it, the trip has become what I initially set out for it to be- a solidarity mission to show our support of Israel. Not only are we bringing 11 of our 8th grade students, but parents and other family members of students, alumni, and teachers and administrators, totaling almost 25 people. The disappointments of January and March have led us to May, when we will indeed finally be able to say, “This month in Jerusalem.”
Chag Sameach,
Rabbi Ira Budow



Skyzone PTO Fundraiser
Family Fun at Skyzone
Join Abrams families during Passover break at a PTO fundraiser to benefit the school
Wednesday, April 27th  
45 Runway Road
Levittown, PA
 Skyzone will donate $4 for every jumper that brings the flyer or mentions 
Abrams Hebrew Academy


Nehalel Siddur
Nehalel Siddur
One of the most difficult issues in the Jewish world is getting people to be interested in and to understand prayer. Most people pray by rote, and they have a difficult time understanding the meaning of the words they are repeating. Art Scroll prayer books are very good, but I think that I have found a way to bring meaning to prayers through a different text.
I have discovered a new prayer book, “Nehalel,” which is entirely different than the siddurim we have all been accustomed to reading. Nehalel places photographs that portray the meanings of the traditional text next to the words. This juxtaposition of images and words makes us aware of the themes that intersect in the siddur. You can read more at the Nehalel website: Nehalel Siddurim
I strongly believe that people can get inspired by looking at Hashem’s great creations. When I pray in front of the ocean while dolphins swim past me, or when I am sitting in a garden of flowers and plants marveling at the beauty that Hashem has created, or when I hear birds singing and feel that I am listening to the music of Hashem, my prayers are incredibly more meaningful than when I simply sit and daven indoors. I feel more completely connected to Hashem by being immersed in the majesty of Hashem’s creations and at one with my prayers and environment. That is why the concept of the Nehalel siddur resonates so clearly with me.
I have ordered a Nehalel siddur for myself and will also soon receive a new edition of weekday prayers from the publisher. I am so impressed that I plan to visit with someone at Nehalel when we are in Israel next month.
I am excited to think that the Nehalel prayer book can help us to get our children to feel enthusiastic about and connected to their prayers- something that has been an elusive mission for the past century. I believe that this is a pathway to do so, and inexpensive at approximately $27 per siddur.
I would like to implement the use of the Nehalel prayer books with the middle school students in September.  If you are interested in being a sponsor of this campaign your contribution will be of priceless value in opening the gates of prayer to our students. Please contact me if you would like to contribute to this program.
Chag Sameach,
Rabbi Ira Budow


Kindergarten Pesach Play
Morah Sonia’s Kindergarten class impressed the audience of parents and AHA staff with star-worthy performances at the annual Pesach play. Accompanied by the musical talents of Mrs. Solomon, the students celebrated Passover with songs and lots of ruach.
Thanks to Morah Sonia, Mrs. Solomon, and our Bnot Sherut women, the play was a huge success!

Holocaust Remembrance


Holocaust star


Holocaust Remembrance Program
Thursday, May 5, 2016
10:30 a.m.
Abrams Hebrew Academy will hold its annual Holocaust memorial program with special guests, Gizzy Kaufman, our own long-time nursery volunteer, and Clara Meles, grandmother of AHA students, Ruthie and David Meles.
Please join us at this important and always moving tribute to the millions who were lost during that terrible time and to the survivors who lived to tell their story.
All are welcome to attend.

Matching Grant Opportunity


Abrams will be eligible for a $100,000 matching grant funded by the Legacy Heritage Fund starting in June, 2016. For the past year, members of the AHA board of directors, along with several key administrators, have participated in governance and fund raising training conducted by coaches from the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE). This training has significantly improved our fund raising skills, and we have now qualified to participate in the Match program.
Abrams will earn matching funds for gifts that meet the program’s criteria. Qualifying donations are:
  1.  New gifts of at least $1800;
  2. New alumni gifts of $500 or more; and
  3. Current gifts of at least $1800 that are increased by at least 50%.
Please help Abrams to obtain this much-needed extra funding. If you are able to increase your donation to the school this year, or if you know someone who might want to support the school who either has not done so in the past or is able to increase his/her donation, now is the time to take this opportunity to make these contributions even larger!
Your generosity enables Abrams to thrive and grow as the premier Jewish day school in the area, and Abrams appreciates your support.


EITC Participation for Individuals
The Foundation for Jewish Day Schools, which  has been approved as a Special Purpose Entity (SPE), just announced that there is an opportunity for AHA to receive extra EITC funding from people who sign up for the program NOW.
This means that individuals who pay individual income taxes to PA can now participate in the EITC program by joining the SPE before the regular sign-up date of July 1, 2016.
****Remember- you no longer have to own a business to participate in EITC.  EVERYONE who pays taxes in PA can support the school and gain a tax credit by applying to the EITC program.
This is a great opportunity for Abrams families and supporters who pay at least $5000 in PA State taxes to help themselves and Abrams through their participation in the program and for Abrams to receive the money sooner.
If you qualify, please take this opportunity to help the school and benefit from a tax credit for yourself. If you know someone whom you believe qualifies and would be interested in helping to ensure Abrams’ future, please ask them if we can contact them. The future of OUR school depends on raising funds, and EITC is a win-win for everyone.
The process is not difficult, and the Foundation for Jewish Day Schools will provide guidance on this process so that you can participate as an individual.
Call Rabbi Budow at (215) 584-7919; or contact Ellen Matz at ematz@jfgp.org; or call (215) 832-0525 for more information.
See more at:




Spring Art Club

2016 Spring Art Club with 
Donna Moskowitz
Monday afternoons (6 classes)
April 11-June 6, 2016
3:30-5 pm
Cost: $75
(Checks payable to Donna Moskowitz)
Information: Contact Donna at (609) 605-3073

Kohelet Baseball League
Kohelet Baseball League
Season: April 17th – June 19th (No games April 24th and June 12th)
Ages: 8 – 12
Where: Kaiserman JCC – City Line & Haverford Aves, Wynnewood
When: Sundays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Coach: Coach Kenny Myers
COST:$100/Player – Scholarships are available upon request
Kohelet Foundation and Torah Academy will be sponsoring the annual Kohelet baseball league. Management of the program will be handled this year by Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia.
Register at:



AHA Art Show- Save the Date


Save the Date


Abrams Hebrew Academy 
Annual Art Show
May 3, 2016
10:30 a.m.

Lunch Program
Food from Espresso Cafe:
Falafel, pita, hummus, Israeli salad
Mac & Cheese, Caesar salad
Fettuccine with marinara sauce, Greek salad


* Note Change*


Egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches
Available Every Day
Bagels, butter & cream cheese 
French Fries
Hash Browns
Lunch cost:  $5 per day



Safety and Security Reminders



Just a reminder of AHA security procedures:

  • All parents should use the front door to enter the school with key cards and not the back doors. Parent swipe cards only work at front door.
  • Please do not ask students to open any doors- parents must report to the front office and check-in before entering the school.
  • No student or other person should use the lunchroom doors other than for dismissal or emergency purposes.

These rules are for our children’s safety.

Thank you for your cooperation!




Car Pool Rules 

All Parents who Car Pool:


Please note that the car pool line is for grades N and K only. All other students are to be dropped off in the front of the building.


Parents who use the back for drop off should follow the directions of the teachers in the parking lot. They are there to assist students and maintain a safe environment.  


Under no circumstances are parents to park their cars in the middle of the line and leave them unattended to walk students into the building.  


** We ask that parents refrain from cellphone use in the parking areas while dropping off and picking up their children.


Abrams Notes

Birthday Celebrations at School
When sending birthday treats into school to celebrate that special day for your child, please consider sending in a healthy treat, such as frozen fruit bars, rice cakes, fruit salad or cups, sugar free pudding snacks, yogurt cake or pie, cheese sticks, light popcorn or air popped popcorn (when age appropriate), pretzels, carrots/celery (when age appropriate).Please avoid nuts because of allergies.

In order to maintain a consistent kashrut policy and to avoid confusion, ALL orders for birthday cakes/cupcakes MUST be ordered from Cramer’s Bakery, 16 E. Afton Avenue, Yardley. Cramer’s will deliver the order to the school at a discounted price.

Please call Kim Pierce at 215-321-5707 to place your cake/ cupcake order.


Celebrate Your Simcha at Abrams


Abrams Hebrew Academy is a perfect choice to host your family or social affair, business meeting or athletic event.  Whether you’re looking for an inviting space to celebrate a special occasion; a meeting area with state-of-the art technology; a fun, safe environment for a child’s birthday; or a gym or athletic field for a sporting event, Abrams can accommodate your needs and your budget.  For more information on room rentals at Abrams Hebrew Academy, call (215) 493-1800 or e-mail info@abramsonline.org.

Check Your Child’s Assignments with Homework Now

Parents- all homework will be posted on-line by all teachers grades K-8 by Sunday evening each week.

Instructions for use of homeworknow.com:

Click on homeworknow.com

Click on Parent and Student

Click on find school

Click on Pennsylvania

Click on Abrams Hebrew Academy

Click on your child’s teacher

View homework assignments


Share Abrams News With Others

Is there a family member (such as a grandparent) or friend who would be interested in hearing about everything going on at Abrams?  Sign them up for our e-mail list today!  Please contact the Main Office.

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