Students participate in art 1 day a week for approximately 40 minutes. They are exposed to many medium such as clay, stamps, linoleum blocks, scratch boards, shrinks dinks, paints, wood, pastels, charcoals, markers, yarn, etc. while being exposed to many facets of art – perspective, portraiture, sculpture, printing, weaving, careers in art, art around the world, fashion, architecture, drawing, painting, etc.

We also have mural club for middle school where students, design, sketch and create various murals throughout the years. 8th grade creates a mural for their graduation and to live on as part of Abrams decor.

In art they should be able to:

  •  Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental or “formal properties” of art: line, positive/negative space, shade/tone, texture, color, etc.
  •  Demonstrate basic theories of compositional balance to achieve unity…and creative ways to “break the rules” successfully.
  •  Understand basic techniques of “process” in a variety of media: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, etc.
  •  Understand basic premises in art movement across a timeline of history
  •  Apply problem solving strategies as a means to create strong finished art/design projects, individually or collaboratively .
  •  Identify and apply techniques of various artists and cultures throughout the ages