Budowsphere #12

#12 Budowsphere

Dear Parents:

As the Presidential election has shown, the media now plays an increasingly important role in influencing politic and policies, and Dan Lieberman “01, is an Abrams alumnus who is a rising star in the broadcast field. The bright lines between traditional media coverage and digital venues like Facebook, Snapchat, etc., are becoming more and more blurred, and Dan’s digital reports will be shared with CNN’s TV and digital audiences.

Dan has held positions both on-air and behind the scenes as a correspondent, anchor and producer at news outlets that include ABC, Nightline, and Fusion.  His new position is with CNN as a long-form/original series correspondent for digital and TV. Dan conceptualizes and presents stories that focus on social issues such as criminal justice, the war against drugs, addiction, and violent extremism in the U.S. His reporting focuses on the most marginalized populations in the U.S., demonstrating how politics and policies affect the lives of average citizens.

Abrams is proud of Dan and the path he has taken to make a difference in the world. It is gratifying to watch our alumni build on the education and Jewish values taught at Abrams as their careers unfold. Dan is one of many Abrams alumni who have exciting, meaningful careers, and we will showcase more of our alums in the future.

P.S.- I usually watch Fox News, but now that Dan is at CNN I might have to watch that, too!


Rabbi Ira Budow