From the Rabbi’s Desk

Dear Friends:

As the Director of Abrams Hebrew Academy, I have been proud to highlight all of the improvements to our facilities that have been added through the past 31 years. Our facilities include a unique Holocaust Library, a modern Nursery, two student chapels, a science center, a fully equipped gymnasium, and art and music rooms. Just last year, I announced the completion of the Israel Learning Center, a room that houses our media center and provides an exciting interactive environment that celebrates the people and history of Israel. I can truthfully say that Abrams has all of the facilities that parents and students look for in a school.

This year I do not want to focus on the school structures, but on the people who are really the heart and soul of the school. Abrams presently has the best faculty that I have ever gathered at the school. Each teacher is a star in his or her own right. The strength of our faculty, in addition to the right class sizes, provides our students the best educational experience possible.

The addition of Ms. Amy Hamacher, our Science Coordinator/Teacher, has completed our roster of exemplary faculty members. Ms. Hamacher has brought a new vitality to the science program, teaching students in grades 5-8 daily, and students in grades K-4 once a week. In just a short time she has brought science alive, and students, parents, and her peers have embraced her enthusiastically as the newest stellar member of the Abrams team.

At the end of the day, buildings are just mortar and stone, but teachers are the ones who make the real difference in children’s’ lives. I believe that we have achieved our goal of being an ESTM school- an institution of Excellence, Science, Torah, and Math. That is what school is truly about.


Rabbi Ira Budow