From the Rabbi’s Desk


Dear Friends:

I recently spoke to the Head of School at a nearby school in PA about our 8th grade trip to Israel. When I asked, he said that they have 5 students in their 8th grade class. I thought about his reply, considering that Yardley, PA is a small Jewish community, and I mentally compared their 5 students to our 8th grade class of over 20 children.

Although we are located in a small suburban community, we are able to attract families from a broad geographical region to our school- we have students from Cherry Hill, NJ, Lower Merion, PA, Center City, PA, Northeast Philadelphia, PA, Princeton, NJ, Hopewell, NJ, and other surrounding towns. What brings people from so many different neighborhoods to our school in Yardley, PA? It is because they realize that we offer incredible secular and Judaic curricula that combine the best of both worlds in secular and Judaic education.

Last year we expanded and enhanced our science program with the addition of our new science teacher/coordinator, Amy Hamacher. She has brought an excitement about science to the school that has energized students in every grade. But at Abrams we do not simply sit back on our laurels- we are always asking, “What is left to do? What needs to be improved? What is next?”

This year we are adding two new faculty members- a special education teacher for secular studies and a special education teacher for Judaic studies. Abrams wants to provide a full service educational environment for all children, addressing special needs issues in the most professional way possible to achieve maximum results. In addition, we are seeking an enrichment teacher to augment the fine secular curriculum for those children who require additional stimulation.

My philosophy of education is that a school’s success is based on excellent teachers in an environment where they can excel. Making sure that the right numbers of students are in each class and placing each child in the right group allows both the students and faculty to shine. Tricky “toys” and gimmicks are popular, but I believe that great teachers and small classroom sizes equal real success in education.

Abrams offers this and so much more to our students, and that is why we attract families from all over the region to our school. We welcome you to visit us and join our community.


Rabbi Ira Budow