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Kfar Kedem- Finally we are here!!!!! After short naps on the bus and a lesson at the technion, we stepped back in time at Kfar Kedem. Menachem, the owner, gave us a quick introduction and then we dressed up in the clothes of our ancestors; dresses and head coverings. We were all exhausted, but lemon ice pops helped wake us up. We watched and learned about how to make wool and cheese. We also witnessed the birth of a lamb and two goats. It was amazing! Next we made delicious pita from scratch, starting with the grinding of the wheat kernels. Then we paired up and road donkeys into the forest; one person rode the donkey while the other lead and then we switched. Some of our donkeys were a little bit ravenous and felt the need to stop every five seconds to take a snack. However we learned how to be in control and in the end it was quite fun. As we are driving now to Tzefat from Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, we see the beautiful landscapes and we are so happy to be here with our friends in the holy land.
Love, Philippa Chown and Arielle Mindel

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