Israel Blog 12

Today we all had to wake up at 4am to start off our long and hot day with Masada.  There we toured the ruins of Herod’s great castle and then walked down the long snake path, a total of 924 steps. I counted.  From there we went to the refreshing pools of Ein Gedi where we swam and cooled off after Masada.  Then we traveled to the Dead Sea where we experienced the stinging but healing of the water and enjoyed calmly floating in the salty sea.  Many of us covered our bodies with the black mud of the Dead Sea and washed it off to experience some more loved stinging.  Now as we are on our way to Tel Aviv, ready to enjoy the rest of our amazing trip after our last visit which made us all feel “20 years younger”…however that works for us.
-Gabe Dayanim

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