Israel Blog 3

Today was a packed day! After we went to Tzfat, we went on a water hike. It wasn’t really a  hike, it was more like an opportunity to splash your friends and teachers (or parents). It was a lot of fun! I got soaked! After the water hike we swam in the Kineret. It was very warm and it felt nice. We then proceeded to the “Disco Boat” (as Mora Sonia has named it). We went on a boat and talked, danced to music and ate popcorn. We drove to Laguna’s (a restaurant) and ate dinner. It was very YUMMY! We also davened Maariv at the Rambam’s grave.  Now we are heading back to the hotel for a well deserved rest. I want to say hi to Jeremy Brandspiegel and Andrew Schachter…..and my Dad and brothers Noam and Yona!
Shalom from Israel,
Yaffa Kornsgold

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