Israel Blog 9

Yesterday we went to Ammunition Hill. We saw where the Isrselies took this important sight from the Jordanians during the 6 Days War. We watched a movie and ran through the trenches that the soldiers ran through during the war. We also went to Avital’s house and met Avital’s mother and father. It was a lot of fun! We then went to Bedouin Tents. We rode came,s and had Bedouin hospitality. They told us about the life of the Bedouin’s and gave us tea. We had pita and salads for dinner and had a bonfire. We had a birthday cake for Amit…it was really good (thank you Avital’s mommy!) we slept in the Bedouin Tents! It was a lot of fun! Today we woke up a 4:15… Supposed to be 4:30 to go to Masada. We hiked up Masada and it was really tiring. Yossi showed us around Masada. It was very pretty. We then hiked back down on the Snake path, which is VERY tiring. What I didn’t tell you was that Talia accidentally called me Grandma when speaking to me. So now I’m grandma and she is grandpa! We are now changed into our bathing suits waiting to go to Ein Gedi. I just found out that Donald Trump’s family is on Masada right now! That’s it for now! Shalom from Masada’s parking lot,

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