Math-By-Mail & Science-By-Mail

Math-by-Mail and Science-by-Mail, which are developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, are offered, as after school programs, to students in Grades 3 to 8.

Math-by-Mail offers children extra-curricular activities in recreational mathematics that develop their creative thinking and logic. Math-by-Mail is a problem-based, enrichment program in mathematics, which helps students develop mathematical thinking skills through solving interesting and challenging mathematics.  Activities includefour in-depth topicsthat are exciting, challenging and, most importantly, fun! The in-depth topics are spread over the school-year and, once uploaded, can be accessed anytime online to be done at home or at school.

Science by Mail offers a glimpse of the cutting edge research that is taking place at one of the world’s leading research institutes – The Weizmann Institute of Science. Science by Mail includesfour in-depth topics, each from a different scientific field and each based on the research conducted in a different laboratory at the Weizmann Institute. The in-depth topics are spread over the school-year and, once the activities are uploaded, they can be accessed online anytime, at home or at school. The activities are based on simple experiments that can be performed at home, which lead even young participants to a much better understanding of complicated ideas and, equally important, to the process of scientific research and scientific though.