Middle School Mathematics

The Middle School mathematics curriculum offers students opportunities to learn mathematical concepts and procedures with deep understanding. Courses are designed to prepare students for high school level mathematics by increasing proficiency in essential mathematics skills, exposing students to a wide variety of middle school math topics. The curriculum is designed to increase math confidence and develop proper study skills and work habits. Students are exposed to technology through the use of calculators, computers, and Smart Boards

General Math- Sixth Grade

This course finalizes arithmetic studies and emphasizes the building blocks toward readiness for Algebra. This course covers decimals, data analysis, algebraic expressions, ratios, percentages, number theory, and fractions. Geometric terms and concepts are introduced.

Pre Algebra I- Seventh Grade and Six Grade Students, by placement

This class is the beginning process to bridge the gap between arithmetic and Algebra 1. This course is the study of integers and rational numbers, solving equations and inequalities, number theory, ratios, proportions, and percentages. This course strives to foster improvement in problem solving skills and independent thinking.

Pre Algebra II- Eighth Grade and Seventh Grade Students, by placement

In this course we complete the students’ preparation for starting Algebra 1. This course involves extensive study of solving equations, graphing of linear functions, polynomials (simplifying and factoring), spatial thinking, area and volumes, right triangles, and data analysis and probability.

Algebra I- Eighth Grade Students, by placement

This course is designed for highly motivated students who have demonstrated, by previous achievement, a high level of competency in computational mathematics, as well as a keen aptitude for problem solving and abstract concepts. This course includes the study of properties of real numbers, the solving, graphing, and writing of linear equations and inequalities, solving of systems of linear equations and inequalities, exponents and exponential functions, quadratic equations, polynomials and factoring, rational equations, radicals, and problem solving.