Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music begins in the 3rd grade at Abrams Hebrew Academy.  Each 3rd grader is given a soprano recorder and a music book.  Children learn to play simple folks songs derived from American, European and Jewish Cultures.  Children are taught to read musical notation.  Many children continue in the Instrumental Music Program.

In the Instrumental Music Program, an elective enrichment program for students in grades 4 – 8, children learn to play a wind instrument of their choice.  Instruction is available on the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone and baritone horn.  A wide vista of musical experience is offered in which students:

  • learn to play an instrument, independently, alone and in small groups and large ensembles
  • to participate in the Abrams Hebrew Academy Concert Band
  • play their instruments accurately and expressively, with concern for dynamics, rhythm and tone quality
  • to play with a good embouchure, good posture and good breath control
  • to read musical notation
  • to perform music of diverse cultures including:  world folk music, European music, American music (popular and classical) and music of the Jewish people (folk, liturgical and concert quality)
  • to understand music in relationship to music and culture (Jewish culture, American culture and other world cultures)
  • to play some simple melodies by ear
  • to use their instruments to compose simple melodies and to improvise
  • to learn about form in music
  • to develop criteria for evaluating their own performances and those of others
  • to understand the relationships between music, the other arts and disciplines outside the arts