Physical Education

Health/Physical Education Curriculum Overview

Physical Education is required of all students. Our main focus is to encourage students how to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and health education. We believe that a positive attitude toward an active lifestyle will contribute to the development of an optimum level of wellness. Our curriculum has been developed in accordance with the content of the National Standards of Physical Education.

The PE program will provide vigorous activities and opportunities for each child to explore, develop and master a range of movement skills. Basic skills are taught and are further developed at each grade level as the year progresses. Students will have the opportunity to experience both team and individual sports. These include fine and gross motor skills, sports, games, fitness activities, and team building opportunities. Also, cooperation, positive sportsmanship, and fun are important components of the physical education program.

Health Education is required of all students in grades 6–8. The 3 main components of health, emotional, physical, social and mental, are addressed throughout each unit. Our goal is for students to learn how to make healthy choices throughout their lifetime. Some of the topics include peer pressure, self esteem, stress, drugs and alcohol, etc.