Abrams Affordability

Abrams prides itself on its commitment to providing a Jewish education to ANY Jewish family who enrolls at the school. Regardless of a family’s financial situation, an Abrams education is affordable from Nursery-8th grade! There are many programs, grants, and scholarships that provide financial assistance to make the dream of a Hebrew day school a reality for every Jewish family from pre-school through 8th grade middle school graduation.

 With money a non-issue, why not begin Jewish education in pre-school and set the course of your child’s life on a Jewish values-oriented path?

Parents in need can apply for: E.I.T.C. Money, Oorah, and Children’s Scholarship Fund for tuition assistance. Receiving funds from these sources will leave a minimal financial obligation to the parents.

 Please contact Rabbi Budow to make an appointment to see the school and inquire about the financial support available to you when you choose Abrams!

 Click below on the link to learn more about Financial Aid Services.

Financial Aid Services