Spotlight on Alumna Jessica Sagoskin!

Spotlight on Abrams Alumna, Jessica Sagoskin:

 Jessica Sagoskin , a graduate from our 1996 class, is a true inspiration. Her enthusiasm for sports and a love for Israel has proven she has made her dreams come true. 

 Q: Tell us about your experience at Abrams.

 J: I was here from first to eighth grade. It was a great experience; I had a ton of fun here. I was just speaking to the eighth grade class, and I said in retrospect Abrams really played a role in the decisions I made later on in life.

 Q: What is your fondest memory being at Abrams?

J: I think definitely being undefeated with basketball.

 Q: Tell us a little about your life after Abrams.

J: I graduated in 1996; then I went to Bat Torah for high school. From there I went to Israel to study in Seminary, at Midreshet Harova. When I was in Israel, the options were always open. After the experience I had, I wanted to do everything there. My absorption into society played a big role. I continued my education and received my BA in Political Science and Communications from Bar Ilan. I then decided to pursue my MA in Political Science from Hebrew University. I currently work in marketing for a start up company called Zlango.

 Q: Was it hard to make aaliyah?

J: There are always going to be challenges no matter where or what you do. It was hard to make that decision to be away from my family. But I really believed in what I was doing. It breeds a certain boldness to make that choice. I don’t think any 17 year old can navigate reasons. I think being 17, young, and driven really helped me. It gave me the opportunity not to worry about other things. My parents were supportive in theory. It was a tough time since it was during the second Intafada, but my parents were very supportive of the idea of making aaliyah.

 Q: What do you love most about Israel?

J: It is not one specific thing. I take pride living in my country. I represent something that I stand behind. You can really take true ownership and pride by living there.

 Q: Is it hard being away from your family?

J: Of course. Those are always going to be struggles and how to properly balance your schedule. But you make it work.

 Q: Has Abrams impacted your view on Israel and Zionism?

J: Absolutely. I think that this is where it all started. This is the foundation. I think it was from sports, Zionism, and Judaic education. There is definitely a lot that I owe to Abrams.

 Q: If you could give our students one piece of advice, what would it be?

J: I would tell them to appreciate the opportunities they have here. At the end of the day I walked out of here with a solid education and great friends. I think Abrams opened the door to certain opportunities in my life.  I would tell them just to be appreciative of what they have here. It will all pay off down the road.

 Jessica was part of our 1996 Girls Basketball undefeated team. She currently resides in Jerusalem and works in marketing for a start up company, Zlango. She has played on the National Israeli Flag Football Team for years and has transitioned into a coach. Jessica has also been featured in the Jerusalem Post.