Rabbi Ira Budow   Director Rabbi Ira Budow has been the director of Abrams Hebrew Academy for the past 33 years. He began his tenure at Abrams when the school first moved from Trenton, NJ to Yardley, PA.  Rabbi Budow has devoted his entire career to Abrams and has assumed multiple roles at the school at various times. In addition to his substantial administrative duties, he teaches, has also coached the girls’ basketball team, brings his therapy dog, Domino, to school, and continues to supervise the 8th grade trip to Israel each year. Rabbi Budow is a well-respected leader in Jewish education and is an active participant in the Jewish community.

Rabbi Joshua Ottensoser 
Associate Principal of Judaic Studies
Rabbi Joshua Ottensoser is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He studied in Yeshivot in Baltimore, Scranton, and Jerusalem. He received his Judaic Studies teacher’s training and principal’s certificate through Torah Umesorah.  He is a certified Holocaust educator. Rabbi Ottensoser has received Simcha from Beth Medresh Gavoha in Lakewood, NJ.  He has been teaching at Abrams since 1996. He currently resides in Lakewood, NJ with his wife and five children.

Mrs. Leslie Kornsgold 
Associate Principal of Secular Studies

Leslie Kornsgold has been teaching at Abrams Hebrew Academy since 2005. She is known for her passionate love of social studies and her ability to pass on that enthusiasm (as well as organizational skills) to her students. Mrs. Kornsgold was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas and is a graduate of Columbia College. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Rabbi Jay Kornsgold, and their three children, all Abrams Hebrew Academy graduates. Mrs. Kornsgold is an ardent Zionist and rabid supporter of the Philadelphia Phillies

James Dorvil 
Business Manager

Debra Goldfarb 

Director of Development

Carol Wallace 
Office Manager

Yvonne Carroll 

Office Assitant

Arielle Budow 

Website and Social Media Manager


Judaic Staff

Sonia Arusy, 
Hebrew Language and Judaics K through 3rd Grade
Dorit Borrus 
Hebrew Language 5th through 8th Grade
Shira Sadka 
Hebrew Language
Rabbi Chaim Tesser 
Judaics 5th through 8th Grade
Rabbi Joshua Ottensoser 
Judaics 6th through 8th
Rabbi Isaac Leizerowski 
Talmud 6th and 7th Grade
Elisheva Razak 
Judaic Studies 
Raya Benhaim 
Hebrew Language Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Middle School
Goldie Rubin 
Judaic Studies

Secular Staff



Leslie Kornsgold 
Social Studies, Middle School
Sarah Chairnoff 
English 4th grade
Joan Lamkey 
Math 5th thorough 8th Grade and Discipline Coordinator
Debbie Marks 
3rd Grade and Middle School School Secular Studies
Amy Hamacher 
Science all grades
Aubery Maks 
Instrumental Music
Dr. Donna Porwancher 
School Psychologist
Kevin Gowton 
Physical Education All Grades
Donna Moskowitz 
Art All Grades
Janet Zuazo 
Lower School 1st Grade


Christine Chiantese 
Middle School Secular Studies and Second Grade
Ashley Haas  
Middle School English
Deborah Gailing 
Library and Lower School Secular Studies
Andrea Genek 
Kindergarten Secular Studies



Pre-School Staff

Nusery Staff

Rivka Lipinsky 
Dianne Stevens 

Vivian Shore 

Robin Daye