Student Government

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The Student Government at Abrams Hebrew Academy is a student organization made up of elected officials and representatives who organize fun events for the school throughout the school year. This year’s Student Government has accomplished a lot so far. On every Rosh Chodesh the Student Government members serve ice cream for whoever wants in celebration of Rosh Chodesh. Also, on everyone’s birthday, Student Government gives them a birthday present which consists of Hershey Kisses and Twizzlers. At every event Student Government takes pictures of all the kids who participated in that event and the pictures are put up on the Student Government bulletin board for everyone to see. The Student Government has many fun-filled events throughout the school year. These events include Twin Day, Pajama Day, and No Homework Day. The Student Government is a fun way to get student involved in helping make the school year fun for everyone.

President: Yaffa Kornsgold

Vice President: Giselle Matlis

Treasurer: Rebecca Dubovsky

Secretary: Danielle Gershen

Publicity Coordinator: Sara Weinberg

8th Grade Represenative: Talia Feldman

7th Grade Representatives: Maya Eley and Andrew Schachter

6th Grade Representative: Benjamin Doshna

5th Grade Representative: Ruthie Meles