The Budowsphere #16

#16 Budowsphere

It is the end of the school year and a fitting time to circle back to one of my first messages of the year discussing the importance of dividing classes into small, individualized groups to maximize learning for each child.

Just a few weeks ago, Mrs. Lamkey, our math teacher extraordinaire, led our middle school Math League participants to achieve first, second, and third place wins in the Pennsylvania Math League competition. How does a small day school in Yardley achieve such incredible results?

Obviously, our students are extremely intelligent, but equally important is the fact that Abrams is a great place to learn and to teach. Mrs. Lamkey’s math class is divided into small groups, so she is able to teach a few students at a time and devote attention to each of them according to their abilities. She does not have to try to teach 20 children at varying levels at the same time.

Abrams made a commitment to provide enough staff and resources to provide individual attention to each of our students, and that effort was rewarded with great success. This is a historic accomplishment to end the school year- Abrams is #1, #2, and #3 in Bucks County- an incredible achievement for our small school in bucolic Yardley, PA.

Have a great summer-

Rabbi Ira Budow