The Budowsphere #6

The Budowsphere- #6- The Righteous Person

I have known Jim McCaffrey for several decades, and he has always epitomized the meaning of the word “mensch.” As a business owner he could easily just take the profits from McCaffrey’s Food Markets and go on with his life, but Jim McCaffrey has chosen to involve himself in the community and to support it at every opportunity, regardless of religious affiliations or political party.

Jim has always been a supporter of Abrams Hebrew Academy, giving to our annual fund drive each and every year. He was honored some years ago at our annual fund dinner for his philanthropy within the Yardley community- a well-deserved recognition for a very special individual.

I spoke to Jim when The EITC program was first initiated by the State of PA to see if his business was eligible, but unfortunately at that point it did not qualify. However, last year we discovered that he was now eligible for the program, and after consulting with the EITC people at Greater Philadelphia Federation he submitted his application and hoped for the best in being chosen in the lottery. I encouraged him to designate not only Abrams as a recipient of the EITC funding, but also the local Catholic school he supports. Jim was truly enthusiastic about the potential to significantly help two area schools, and after a few mishaps we were thrilled to find out last week that his application was approved.  As a result, both Abrams and the local Catholic school he designated will be the recipients of a very substantial amount of funding from his EITC contributions.

Jim sets an example for all of us. He is one of the rare individuals who is generous because he truly believes it is important to give back, and he does not discriminate in his giving. If the need is there and he is able to help, he does so. He is truly a righteous person. If I ever decided to write a book about my years at Abrams in Yardley, PA Jim McCaffrey would deserve a chapter.

Although I try to be “parve” and not tell people where they should shop, I will make an exception in this case and encourage our Abrams community to support Jim McCaffrey’s supermarket businesses just as he supports our school. Through his many years of continued leadership and generosity he has earned the respect of the entire region and deserves a “thank you” for his efforts.

I encourage all of the Abrams community to follow Jim’s example- the July 1, 2015 date for EITC applications is fast approaching, and you can see that your participation can make a huge difference for the school. Remember that all of the EITC money is earmarked for needs-based scholarships, so please consider applying yourself and talk to your friends and family, as well.
Rabbi Ira Budow