The Budowsphere #8

Budowsphere # 8- On the Bus to Jerusalem

As I write this message I’m on the bus headed towards Jerusalem. The bus is eerily quiet because the students are tired out from a day’s worth of intense activities. They visited the Roman ruins, hiked in Tzfat, and cooled down at Gan Hashlosha Park, where they swam for 2 hours in the river. I am now in the midst of a group of happy, quiet, tired Jewish children! However, I am sure that they will all be revitalized and energized when they see Jerusalem, some of whom for the first time.

I remember when we first began these trips to Israel and how anxious the parents at home were to see pictures and get the occasional call from their children. We sent photos back to the U.S. and waited impatiently for them to be printed. Fast forward 17 years to today, and I realize that I am riding in a bus that has Wi-Fi, as do most of the hotels. We are able to post photos on our website and Facebook pages almost immediately, and our students all communicate easily with their families at home. What a difference technology has made, and it is particularly remarkable that a small country like Israel is as high-tech as much larger countries, including the U.S.

We have now completed our tour of the North and are about to reach Jerusalem, the dream of all Jews. Just a few weeks ago during our Passover Seders we prayed, “Shana Haba B’yerushalayim – Next Year in Jerusalem,” and here we are.

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem-
Rabbi Ira Budow