The Budowsphere Blog #2 2.24.15

February 24, 2015

From The Budowsphere- Rabbi Budow 2nd blog

So… how does Abrams survive? The first question to ask is “What IS a Jewish day school?” My opinion is that a Jewish day school is not the same as a secular independent private school. There is nothing wrong with independent private institutions- they offer a fine secular education, great athletic, art and music opportunities, and charge a lot of money for the education they provide. However, Jewish day schools were not created for those things. Our fine art is a Jewish education, and we are proud to offer the best Jewish education possible to ensure that our children will have a Jewish future. Abrams does not have fancy field houses and a lavish, sprawling campus. We are proud of our facilities, but they are not cast in the same mold as the exclusive, independent schools. Our tuition structure is also significantly different, since we believe that our responsibility is to bring Jewish children to the school regardless of their economic situation.

Abrams is proud of our secular and Judaic curricular, and we are equally proud to make a Jewish education affordable for all Jewish families. The result of our efforts is that we have students coming from a wide geographic area.  The Abrams community includes students from Lower Merion, Cherry Hill, NJ, Philadelphia, Bucks County, Princeton, NJ, and the Windsors. It is truly a magnet for many families to send their children.

So, the question remains- why do so many families choose to send their children to Abrams rather than to one of the other day schools in the area that may be closer to them geographically? What makes Abrams so unique?